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    Whenever one enters the gate of the Wuxi Wells Enterprise, beautiful scenes will present to its eyes: In the background of the verdant rolling hills and bubbling streams, is the pleasant factory yard with buildings,trees,flowers and lawns. If in a sunny day, the blue  sky and white clouds will set off the green tiles and gray walls of those buildings. In this moment, one might ask oneself:" Am I a dream land?"Here,to be sure, humans are fully integrated into the surrounding nature.

     It is no wonder, as people at Wells pay special attention to preserve the nature and keep the ecology in balance so that human activities are in perfect harmony with our surroundings.

Wells Company was found in 1993.She was passed Certificate for Quality System of ISO9002 in 1997,become the earliest Certificate for Quality System chemical corporation of china, Obtained certificate of UL of America.

     We have more than 80 employee in existence, hereinto R&D personnel  occupy 40%,We are commit oneself to insulation and flame resist Fly-back transformer of color television and color display;Janury 1994,Batch production of potting resin for sealing photoelectric elements, integrated circuits and circuit modules.

     We are Epoxy Resin main used for FBT,Focus Resist, Ignition Coils, Led numeric, LED lamp, Indicators, LED clusters,IC products, Circuit boards,Capacitor,Wave filter,Resonator,Buzzer,Relay,Bridge rectifier,Sensor,Epoxy floor coating, Water-proof agent. etc.

     Another, We are manufacture and sales the potting materials of polyurethane and silicone. Others  is silicone bond 703,704,705,706,708,ect.and sales epoxy resin and Thinner, and Curing agent.

Contact Person:Angus King

Address: ShiBu No.106 MeiYuan,Wuxi,jiangShu,China
Post Code:214064
Bank: China Bank Wuxi Branch
Company Name:Wuxi Wells Synthetic Material Co.,Ltd.

Epoxy resin potting material suitable for electronic compenent.

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