May 1993

  •   Obtained the Business License issued by the National Bureau of Industry&Commerce.Registration number:001811.

August 1993  

  • Batch production of flame retardant epoxy resion for sealing high voltage electronic elements,with an annual production capacity of 500 tons.

January 1994  

  • Batch production of potting resin for sealing photoelectric elements,integrated circuits and circuit modules.

January 1995  

  • With the renovation of production facilities and equipment,the annual production  capacity increased to 1000 tons.

October 1997  

  • Passed the GB/T19002<94>-ISO9002:94 quality system certification procedures.Certificate number:CCQE0897B109.

July 1999  

  • Independent  operation of the quality control department and the R&D department,large scale technical innovation of the whole plant,realizing production automation and the computerized management,the annual production capacity increased to 7,500 tons.The yearly cash flow amounted to RMB 14 million yuan and the fixed assets investment reached RMB 10.26 million yuan.           

    November 2003

  • Passed the GB/t19001-2000---ISO9001:2000 quality system certification procedures.

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