2101CN-liquid imidazole accelerator


2101CN-liquid imidazole accelerator into the four countries to replace Japan 2E4MZ-CN2-methylimidazole Ethyl -4 - carboxy modification is made by a special process to overcome the solid imidazole inconvenient to use, difficult to disperse the shortcomings, as the post-curing agent excellent electrical performance, mechanical strength, especially with a good anti-cracking performance, and thus particularly suitable for wet winding dry type transformer cast, is a good epoxy curing agent for the new.
Appearance: Light red viscous liquid

1. As epoxy curing agents
2. Anhydride as a catalyst dosage is usually 0.5 to 2%
Use the ratio:
With epoxy resin 128 and the 2101CN's ratio = 100:8 to 10 (weight ratio)
Curing conditions
1. By ratio of accurate weighing, the first resin to join the container, then add curing agent, mix well and put it aside to no air bubbles (if any vacuum deaeration effect will be the best)
2. The liquid mixture by adding plastic tank, plastic tank to keep the winding temperature of 25 degrees.
3. Curing conditions were: room temperature (25 degrees) 24 60 2 +50 ~ +80 degrees 3 to 4 hours to 4 hours.


Epoxy curing agent accelerator on the skin and eyes 2101CN moderate stimulation, if contact with skin, wash with soap, if contact with eyes, immediately wash with water and seek medical advice.
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